To provide an excellent service through efficient delivery system in issuance of licenses as mandated in the Malaysian Palm Oil Board Act 1998 (Act 582) and Malaysian Palm Oil Board (Licensing) Regulations 2005.




  • To implement the Board’s policies and procedures regarding registration and licensing of oil palm products.
  • To conduct study on current issues relating government agencies and industry to propose suitable licensing policies.
  • To register and issue licenses related to the cultivation, sale, purchase, production, transfer, storage, inspection, testing, exportation, importation and manufacture of oil palm products.



  • New Application of License
  • Renewal of License
  • Change of Particulars of License
  • Additional Milling Throughput
  • Cancellation of  License
  • Issuance of Export Permit (Customs Permit – AP)
  • Licensing Service Counters
  • Appeals
  • Show Cause Letter and Hearing
  • Inspectorate of new license issued