To ensure healthy growth of the oil palm industry and in order to ensure the implementation and compliance with legal requirements and regulations through:

  • Regulatory the quality assurance of oil palm products
  • Enforcement of quality control practices
  • Enforcement on professional services


As a unit responsible for ensuring the healthy development of the industry, Quality Control Unit will regulate the oil palm industry through:

  • Enforcement of the Act and subsidiary legislation;
  • Regulatory on the compliance of quality control practices and procedures
  • Regulatory on quality control and quality assurance of the oil palm products.


Quality Control Unit Activities:

  • Quality Control monitoring on palm oil product of Milling Factory (MF), Refinery (RF), Crushing Factory (CF) and Dealers Oil (DO) quality control compliances.
  • Quality control supervision on services activities of Surveyor (UK) and Independent Lab (LB)
  • Diligent quality supervision on palm oil product for Local Trading, Exports and Import.
  • Conducting programme to enhance competency of industry such as MPOB Oil Palm Products Surveying Course & Examination and Oil Palm Fruit Grading Course & Examination
  • Registration of Qualified Surveyors and Qualified Grader of Oil Palm Fruit.